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(Also known as the 20-something brain behind the studio!)

My name is Safa, and I am the mastermind behind SAFANIAStudio. My experience in helping businesses build their brands and their websites has come a delightful mix of client-based projects, previous employment experience and my time at university.

The idea of SAFANIAStudio bounced around my head in 2019 while I was waiting to graduate, and I always knew that I wanted to work in the creative side of marketing: where I would have the freedom to combine the analytical and statistical side of the field with my passion to design and create material for promotional purposes. After successfully helping out a few acquaintances develop their brands and grow their online presence, I've decided to finally take this venture on!

Where did the name SAFANIA come from?"

Truthfully... I've had this nickname since I was a child for physical elements of my life I've found to be 'signature' for me. Since the services I provide are bespoke and tailored for every client, this name seems to fit my mission!

HAVE I PIQUED YOUR INTEREST? Then what are you waiting for - let's work together!


"From the moment I met Safa through her Instagram page I knew I wanted to work with her! Safa's amazing style and talent is shown on her page and website alone and is a no brainer, but to my delight we became best buddies, so when I needed a new rebrand for my business and a logo, I knew exactly who to contact - and in no way was I disappointed!

A big thank you to SAFANIA Studio, 10 out of 10, 5 stars... I highly recommend"

Georgia Bevis - Homemade Gift Shop Designer

"Safa did a great job and listened carefully to feedback - she considered all my comments and worked as quickly as possible. She takes pride in the presentation of her work and I would recommend her"

Cathy Nguyen - Singer

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