Content vs Copy - which is the right fit for you?

There is no simple answer to this - there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which format is the best approach for your product/service (Who are my customers? What do competitors in my industry use? Which of these will bring me more sales?). Before you find out which of these could be more effective, it's important that you're actually able to tell the difference first before investing in either of these services.


What is content writing? Words that are written for information and/or entertainment purposes. Written content is present literally everywhere nowadays - from news updates you receive on your phone, to Instagram captions of your favourite businesses and influencers, to your grandma's daily Facebook posts about the family pets. Nowadays, it feels like everyone who has ever used to social media is a content creator in one way or another; however, everyone who also creates content actually writes content too - therefore they can be classed as content writers as well. The content writing community is very inclusive of anyone and everyone who writes information and opinions in the digital world.

What types of content are good for my business?

Content writing is a magnificent tool for helping businesses grow, and when paired in SEO your traffic and rankings will soar so high you'll be one of the biggest in your industry before knowing it. I won't lie to you though, it won't happen overnight - but it's surprisingly a lot quicker than you think. Before I go further into how le

t's talk about a few of the types of written content and how they can help your business grow.

Email Marketing A versatile format and useful for those who are trying to make it in the digital world. Emails have now become a massive part of our lives to the point that we view our emails as much as we view our text messages. Email marketing is something to look into if you're trying to make a massive impact within a short space of time.

How-tos, guides & tutorials

A must-do format of content writing important for businesses who are releasing a new product or service in their market, or are new to their industry. I feel like this is specifically important for those in sectors that always have new innovations being pumped out to the global market regularly - and while we do love being introduced to new things regularly (c'mon, I feel like we're all scared to be victims of the FOMO epidemic), we've also got to learn how to keep up.

Social media captions, adverts e.t.c.

So you knew I was eventually going to jump into this one. Almost every business and service around right now almost always try to keep up with creating flawless posts, but depending on the platform it's not the visuals that matter so much to people - it's the captions. Your captions (specifically on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #TheBigThree) are what grabs your reader's attention almost instantly; the first 5 words are usually the ones that determine whether a reader would stay to buy a product or use your service.

COPYWRITING We've covered some of the tips and tricks of effective content writing, but what is copywriting? Despite what it sounds like - there's no copying involved here at all, don't worry! A copywriter uses words for the purposes of advertisement and sales. Copywriters are mostly used for the purposes of creating words that would be familiar to the market of their client, almost like they're trying to 'befriend' their niche and gain sales after establishing brand familiarity. Where is copywriting present? To make it easier for you to learn more about how copywriting works, some common formats are listed below:


After your first blog post is out there, you will immediately be on the road to developing connections with potential leads and customers; but your wording is important. Studies show that the keywords used in your blog are the ones that decide if your readers will stay with your site and follow your brand. Blog formats that are more likely to lead to sales are product reviews, seasonal favourites and sponsored promotions.

Press release writing The first place you should turn to if you're considering expanding your business, releasing a new product or targeting a new market. Utilising a press release for your business will allow customers to learn more about your missions and how you can meet the needs of your audience, but it has to be written correctly. investing in a copywriter is a surefire way to ensuring you're truly seen by your audience.

Sales copywriting

It's the most common reason why someone would hire a copywriter. Most copywriters have been hired to produce copy that converts traffic and unique views into sales. Sales copy is visible on texts for print advertisement, product descriptions, offer descriptions and online advertisement. Using sales copy for your business is important for obtaining revenue for your enterprise, however, there is a certain technique used for perfecting your sales copy - and (usually) copywriters are the only people who'd achieve that in a breeze.


Used for the purposes of Search-Engine Optimisation, SEO requires the highest level of strategic thinking among the formats I've mentioned so far and is important if you want your company to be seen. A copywriter is an asset for your organisation since they'll help you get into the mind of the ideal consumer and use words that they're familiar with and/or use in their daily life. SEO copywriting is highly visible in web copy, content and product descriptions, and there are tools that help writers and businesses perfectly optimise their content to gain traction.

Now that you're aware of the differences between copywriting and content... What will YOU choose to do?

At the end of the day, your choice of writing style for your business is entirely yours, and writers don't know your business in the same way you do. Whether you've already decided how you want to promote your enterprise or you need help decided which methods are best, I'm just an email away!

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